Scout S Camera System

Scout S Camera System


The Scout S Camera is a comprehensive, fibre optically coupled and electro-magnetically shielded camera system. It offers full remote control facilities for Zoom/Focus/Pan & Tilt operation. The high performance camera also has extensive manual control via the BTC Motronics HS-1 handset over all aspects of the camera/lens ensuring excellent picture clarity, colour rendition and low light capability in all conditions..

The Scout S is the smaller member of the Scout family of cameras. The Scout camera system is the industry recognised standard for EM Shielded cameras and adds value to any EMC testing environment by improving both efficiency and safety.

Scout S Camera Head

Scout S Camera Handset

Scout S Camera Pan & Tilt

Scout S Camera Fibre Optic


  • EMC Test Chambers, TEM and GTEM Cells.
  • EUT monitoring in electrically noisy environments.
  • Visual monitoring of automotive and aeromotive displays.
  • Safety monitoring of equipment for catastrophic failure.
  • Situations with space limitations.
  • Safe Monitoring of “Personnel Hazard” in high RF fields.
  • Applications where space is critical.

System Features

  • High Res 550 TV line Colour Camera, PAL or NTSC.
  • Times 28 zoom lens 3.5mm(wide) to 98.0mm(tele)
  • Remote Control Zoom/Focus/Pan & Tilt.
  • Fibre Optically Coupled Video and Control.
  • Extensive Manual control of Camera and Lens.
  • Battery or Mains Powered Camera options.
  • RF Immunity >200V/m up to 18Ghz

System Configuration

Camera Head

The Scout S Camera Head contains a state of the art CCD camera with an integrated Zoom and Focus lens. The Zoom and Focus functions can be remotely controlled via fibre optic cable by the Scout S Receiver Controller (note: the camera can be set to auto focus if required). The Camera can be programmed to automatically compensate for variations in light. The cameras wide dynamic range function allows the camera to obtain optimal images ranging from dark areas of the subject to the light areas and combine them to give best picture possible for the conditions.

RF Immunity is provided by an enclosure design which features conductive gaskets and specifically coated glass. As a result the Camera head can withstand fields in excess of 200V/m at frequencies up to and beyond 1Ghz with no degradation of picture quality. Scout S systems have been used in fields in excess of 1000V/m at up to 18Ghz.

Handset HS-1

When required total manual control of the camera functions are available via the BTC Motronics HS-1 handset, this includes Zoom, Focus, Auto focus on/off, Variable shutter, Iris control, Wide dynamic range on/off, On Screen Display of functions and custom preset of setup. These functions are typically used when viewing vehicle instrument panels and LCD displays.

Pan and Tilt Head

The Camera head maybe mounted on the Shielded Pan and tilt head, which allows the camera to be moved in the horizontal and vertical axis.

Receiver unit

The Receiver unit decodes the optical signal from the Camera head and provides two composite video outputs.

The Receiver unit also provides control facilities for the camera system via joystick controls.

Battery Pack

The Shielded Battery Pack is connected to the Scout S Camera Head via a screened filtered cable, and provides continual operation for more than 14 hours. Additional packs maybe used to continue operation whilst the spare pack is being re-charged. Alternatively a Shielded Mains Power Supply maybe specified, usually used in wall mounted applications.

Fibre Optic Cable

The Scout S uses a Duplex Multi Mode Fibre Optic Cable terminated with ST Connectors. One Fibre is used for the Video signal and the other for the Control signal. The Fibre Optic Cable may be supplied on a Cable Management Reel for ease of deployment and rewinding.

System Specification

Scout S Camera Head

Sensor Type
1/4” HAD CCD (Progressive scan)
Effective Picture elements PAL(NTSC)
440,000 pixels (380,000 pixels)
Horizontal Resolution
550 TV Lines
Minimum Illumination
0.65 lux
Minimum Object Distance
10mm(wide) to 1,500mm(tele)
Lens Focal Length
28x Optical Zoom f=3.5mm(wide) to 98mm(tele)F1.35 to F3.7
Horizontal Viewing angle
57.8degrees (wide) to 1.7 degrees (tele)
Length x Width x Height
140mm x 73mm x 73mm

Pan & Tilt

Load Capacity
Pan Angle (Tilt Angle)
270 degrees (60 degrees up, 60 degrees down)

Battery Pack

Battery Type
Lead Acid
Battery Operating time
>14 Hours continuous
Length x Width x Height
270mm x 200mm x 110mm

Receiver Controller

Fibre Optic Connectors
Multimode ST
Video Output Connectors
Two Outputs 75 Ohm BNC
Power Supply
Selectable 120Vac or 230 Vac 50/60Hz
Automatic Gain Control range
Length x Width x Height
265mm x 190mm x 150mm

Handset HS-1

Length x Width x Height
150mm x 90mm x 25mm

This information is also available as a pdf - ScoutSCameraSystemDatasheet.pdf

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